About Sanatani Rombola

Sanatani Rombola was born in Italy. When she was nine years old her family relocated to Puri, Odisha, India, where she was schooled in Odissi classical Indian dance by Guru, Smt. Bijayalakshmi Dash. 


After completing her college studies, Sanatani returned to Italy in 2003, where she began to teach and perform throughout various cities in Europe. In 2006 she returned to Odisha where she began to train under the world-renowned dancer Guru Smt. Sujata Mohapatra. Under her Guru’s careful guidance, Sanatani has matured into a graceful and dedicated teacher and performer. She now lives in the Northern Rivers area of NSW, Australia. 


Sanatani has performed as a soloist throughout various cities in India, Europe, and Australia including: Ratha Yatra (London, Barcelona, Florence, Den Haag), Odissi International Festival (Bhubaneswar), Terra Futura (Florence), Devadasi Festival (Bhubaneswar), ISKCON 50th Anniversary (NSW, Australia), Sogno d’Oriente (Piacenza), Kalachakra Festival (Florence), the Baishakhi Festival (Bhubaneswar), and the Madhuram Dance Festival in Sydney. She has also performed in a number of group productions including: Bhimtangi Festival (Bhubaneswar), Sydney Opera House, (Australia), and Pragjyoti International Dance Festival (Assam).


Sanatani is a dedicated artiste who sees dance as a union of art and spirituality.

Photo courtesy- Ananta Vrindavan Das