STUTI is my baby born in early 2018 . I have always wanted to create a little business that connects me to my Motherland, India. I have been, like many other, passionate not only about Indian classical dance, but also the saris, Furniture, skirts, Jewellery, Incense etc.

        In the past i have been the medium to bring anarkalis, saris or skirts to the west with great success.  This time, after visiting Rajasthan my love for silver just deepen and I decided to start STUTI along with my 8 years old daughter. 

         STUTI means offering or praise to Mother Durga. Growing up in India I was thought to offer all material possession, ideas or achievements to God before making them my own. I believe this has served me a lot in my life. It thought me to be detached yet grateful to whatever came my way.



STUTI's vision is to empower this beautiful pieces of jewellery and pass them on to amazing women around the world.